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How to Empower & Transform Yourself!

How to Live with Joy and Purpose Through Self Discovery Techniques!

Gain Clarity on What is Holding You Back and How to Create Your Life Vision!

How to Address the Elephant in the Room – Negative thoughts!

Create Lasting Ways to Catch Yourself When Falling into a Negative State

What Jealousy Really Means to You and How to Turn it Into a Power Source

Establish Your Vision: Work, Personal, Social!

Think Outside Your Limits

All About Soul Energy, Chakras & Auras

What is Reiki, Pranic Healing and Quantum Touch Energy Healing?

Activating, Trusting and Following Your Intuition

How to Clear, Energize & Maintain Your Energy

Connecting to Loved Ones Crossed

Recognizing Signs & Messages in Your Dreams & from Spirit

Past Lives: Lessons You Chose to Learn in This Life

How Social Media Affects Your Energy!


Alan Michael is Owner of Alan Michael Productions and Alan Michael Healing. Alan Michael is a Talented Creative Director, Producer, Photographer, Graphic Designer, Motivation Coach, Reiki Master/Pranic Healer, Intuitive Medium, Past Life Seer, Animal Lover & Communicator, Advocate & Volunteer for Animal Rescue Groups, Yoga Lover, Guitarist, Singer/Songwriter, Golfer, Outdoor Enthusiast and Lover of Nature and Life. Alan Michael has had a lifetime of spiritual experiences. He is passionate about sharing these experiences and what he has learned. Everyone is Intuitive. Alan Michael loves to teach others about their Intuition, Soul Energy and Personal Power! By Empowering Your Gifts …YOU will Learn How to Develop Your Spiritual Gifts and Create the Life Your Heart Desires!


Maralana Fulton is Founder of GO. DO. BE. and High Heels Profits. She is a Motivational Trainer, Fitness Blogger, Professional Speaker & Motivator challenging her clients to answer the questions: Where do you want to Go? What do you want to DO? Who do you want to BE? Maralana knows first hand the importance of motivation and support in achieving healthy living goals. Maralana will Help YOU Create a Go Do Be mentality and passion for Living Life with Joy and Personal Power! Click here for more information about Go. Do. Be.



Kristen Atkinson is a Yoga Instructor teaching Vinyasa Flow & Acro Yoga in South Lake Tahoe.
 Kristen also specializes in Therapeutic Massage such as Deep tissue, Relaxation & Sports Massage. She is an avid Outdoor Sports Enthusiast and Lover of Life.