ENERGY HEALING for People | Reiki Healing, Chakra & Aura Clearing/Energizing with Intuitive Messages

90 Minute Energy Healing Session: $128.00

(Includes: 15-30 minute Travel to you, 30 minute Intuitive Reading/Consultation and 60 minute Energy Healing Session with Intuitive Messages)

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ENERGY HEALING for Pets | Reiki Healing, Chakra & Aura Clearing/Energizing with Intuitive Messages

60 Minute Energy Healing Session: $88.00

(Includes: 15-30 minute Travel to you, 30 minute Intuitive Reading/Consultation and 30 minute Energy Healing Session for your Pet with Intuitive Messages)

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60 Minute Intuitive Reading Session: *Via Phone: $88.00


60 Minute Intuitive Reading Session *In Person: $111.00

*Includes 30 minute travel to clients home for an in person 60 minute intuitive reading.


120 Minute Past Life Reading Session: $248.00

(Includes: 30 minute Travel to you, 30 minute Intuitive Consultation and 60 minute Past Life Reading Session.)

A Past Life Reading is a powerful and very effective  healing experience. The purpose is to learn which past life lesson (that was not learned) you chose to incarnate in this life to learn/heal that lesson for soul growth. A challenge, fear, conflict, that is persistent in this life, may relate to a past life issue unresolved. You state an intention of what it is you desire to heal. Why do I fear …? Why do I have this challenge/conflict with this person? Why am I so drawn to this time period or geography? 

Often partners, friends or family members like to schedule a 2 person session together. Whereas one person has their Past Life Session and the other person gets participate by watching, observing the session. The person watching the other person in session, may also can see the past life. Likewise, the person in session, often sees themselves vividly, and recall their past life. It is a powerful, life changing healing experience. By including your soul friend, significant other, or family member together in duel individual sessions … this very special experience is shared. It creates a deeper bond with one another and someone you can share and talk to about what you learned.